Saturday, 16 May 2009

Birthday Goodies

Mot much has happened this week apart from boring old revision so here are some pictures of my lovely birthday gifts.

First up is the Wii Fit from Phill. I have wanted one of these for aaaages! I am trying to be good and do it every day.

Next is some super squishy Mirasol Miski from Sara. It it beautiful and turquoise and I have four skeins! I need some inspirations what to make with it.
Felix gave me this gorgeous, specially hand-dyed for me four ply BFL yarn. And also hand-dyed fibre and some lovely buttons from York!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. I feel like such an old lady! Mum says you know you are old when the policemen look young and the ones I saw yesterday did. Aaagh! They looked like teenagers! It's not all bad though as Mum says to her they look like children.

I had an awesome birthday. On Tuesday night I went for pie with people from Sticks and Strings, Phill, my brother Andy and my non-knitting friend Jenny. A good time was had by all I hope and the pie was, as ever, fabulous. Afterwards we went across the road to Dogma which has 1/2 price everything on Tuesday. I stuck to cocktails! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. Sad :(

Yesterday I went with Phill to London to meet up with Anna. We went for lunch in Soho:

Delicious Sushi

Then we caught the bus down to the Natural History Museum. I love that the museum is completely free. Hoorah! We looked at the shiny stones and the big blue whale and ate cake:

Yummy Cherry and Coconut Cake

We also saw some crazy monkey skeletons, swinging from the ceiling. I'm not sure if I liked them. I love monkeys but these looked like tiny little long-armed humans! There were about 15 of them:
Freaky Monkey Skeleton
Tiny Little Mouse!

Once we got home, Phill cooked me a delicious steak and we made homemade chips and pepper sauce and ate by candle light. It was a lovely ending to a fabulous day!

Oh, and Anna has bought us tickets to go to see Priscilla! To say I am excited is an understatement!

I also got some gorgeous yarn from Sara and Felix and a Wii Fit from the boy =) I need to take pictures still.


So, I keep taking pictures and I have nowhere to put them so I have decided to start a blog. It will be a little diary thing with knitting, food, kittens and adventures.

And to start with, here is Mani: