Friday, 13 November 2015

Finish Off Friday - Hedgehogs!

In September, my brother married the lovely Jemma.  Being a crazy person, I decided, having done a bit of patchwork, to make them a quilt.  They are big hedgehog fans so when I saw this pattern, Hazel by Elizabeth Hartman, I knew it had to be done.  This is not a beginners pattern and I had a deadline.  I decided I wanted to make the middle size which involved 25 (!) hedgehogs.  This is because it turns out I have no concept of size expressed in inches.  Like I said, crazy person!

Here are all the billions of tiny pieces all cut out and ready to sew together.

Lots of little hedgehog faces!

First almost complete hedgie

All the hedgehogs!  Not quite finished as they need their side spines added but now we can see all the different fabrics.  I chose 8 different browns with a single show off turquoise one.

Trying to work out a layout.  This was a total pain as I was fussy about where they could repeat and where the turquoise one went.

First row sewn together!

All sewn up!

All laid out ready for pinning together.  The only bit of floor we have that's big enough is in Ollie's room.  

Quilting!  I chose to do a spiral as it was really big and this way no more than half the quilt was under the machine at any one time.  This took me two days!!

Middle hedgie.  Try to ignore the fact he looks like a target!

Done!  I'm so pleased with it!

I love the way that, with the spiral, they all have slightly different quilting lines :)

The back I love just as much.  This is actually one side of a duvet cover and it matches perfectly.  The turquoise hedgehog is made from the pillow case in the set.

Detail of the birdies on the back.
I love love love it and I'm so pleased I got it finished for them.  Thankfully, they like it too!  Next one will be a bit simpler.

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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Work In Progress Wednesday

I'm close to finishing Ollie's quilt.  Again!  I already quilted it once but that was before I had the proper equipment and it went horribly wrong.  Now I have to right foot for my machine I can do it properly.

I started the quilting in the middle and am gradually working out in a spiral.  The stitches are quite close together which means it's taking quite a while.  Oh well!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Throwback Tuesday - 10th November

2013 - A walk with Grandma

2010 - Sleepy Mani