Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Throwback Tuesday - 8th September

2013 - Tiny Ollie! 
2012 - blocking a jumper I made for Dad for his birthday

Monday, 7 September 2015

A Weekend in Reading

This weekend we went back home to Reading.  I needed to do some shopping and we were meeting up with my brother on the Sunday so we took the opportunity to go and see Grandma and Grumps as well.

Concentrating on picking up rice with his chopsticks

Did it!

Riding on the train at the Oracle.  He remembered it from last time even before we'd parked the car!

Playing trains with Grumps

On Sunday we met Andy and Jemma at Wellington Country Park, It's just south of Reading and although we've driven past hundreds of times, we've never visited.  What a fantastic place!  So much to do for little children with about 5 different play areas as well as a petting farm and a train.  Ollie heaven!
On the big swing with Daddy

On the train with Daddy and Uncle Andy


In a little house with a bridge and stairs.  Ollie in his element!

The view from the cafe where we stopped for ice cream.

Sharing ice cream with Daddy

Driving an old red tracter
On the big swing with Mummy

On the train with Daddy (yes, another one!!)

Meeting the goats

Stroking a chicken ever so carefully

Playing with his new trains at lunch time

On the slide with Jemma.  A whole playground just with slides!


Randomly, a load of dinosaur models

Feeding the ducks.  Just out of shot, the bag of food floating in the water from where Ollie tried to throw the food before taking his hand out of the bag :-/

On the train with Mummy and Auntie Jemma

Stealing Mummy's ice cream
Thanks Andy for taking the pictures!