Friday, 26 June 2009


Here is some beautiful fiber I bought when I should have been revising. Yummy!

First up is a superwash Merino/Nylon mix from The Thylacine called The Springs. It's beautiful greens and purples. Now all I need to do is work out how to spin it into beautiful sock yarn!

Next up is also from The Thylacine. This one is Meadowbank, a grey Merino/Alpaca mix. The grey is it's natural colour. This is going to be spun into a thickish single and will become mittens.

This final one comes from FeltStudioUK. It is a batt which I have never spun before. It is called Robin and is lovely robin egg colours. It's quite a mix of Merino, Corriedale & Romney lambs wool and Tencel. Yum!
Finally, a little Falkland sample from FeltStudioUK that came with my batt. What a lovely little suprise =)

We Are Sailing

On Sunday, my Mum and Dad, Phill and I went to Poole to visit Phill's parents on their boat. They are off on their world trip in a week! How scary! Amazingly, in nearly four years, this was the first time that our parents met. Thankfully, everyone got on and a fabulous day was had by most out on the ocean waves. Dad wants to go on a sailing trip at some point so this was a great day for him to find out what it like. He had a fab day and Mum enjoyed it too. Here is Mum at the wheel with Dad in the background.
Here is Phill at the wheel.

This is me at the very front of the boat. I was king of the world for a short time before I had to go below decks and bring up my breakfast! Me and boats do not get on which is a real shame as I really do enjoy being out on the sea with the wind and the sunshine but it just makes me feel awful. :( I was alright in the bay though so was able to be sociable again once we got back into the calm.

We saw a tall ship! Very exciting!

Here is my Dad looking very at home on the boat. I think he has really got the bug now! He says he doesn't want his own boat though =)

Mum also had a good day and is now happier about the potential boating holiday.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Mogget Mirror

Here is Mani with his friend, Across the Road Cat. Mani is not sure what to make of across the road cat. They are very similar looking except that Mani is smaller.

Alton Towers

Every year, a bunch of us head off to Beautiful Vic's house for the weekend and spend the Saturday at Alton Towers. This is year four and the weekend was fabulous. The Friday morning, I had my very last exam and as soon as Anna and Joe got to mine, off we went up to Vic's. I was a little excited, not just because of the end of exams but also because there are people at the Alton Towers Weekended that I only get to see this time of year.

Saturday was also World Wind Knit In Public Day so I took up some needles and yarn and Kate, Anna, Jen and I knit little squares for a baby blanket. Anna works in the neonatal unit at Kings so I shall give it to her for her ward once it's done. We didn't get as many rollercoasters in as in previous years but that's ok. It was a fabulous day to be out and about with my friends. Hopefully now that I have more time I'll be able to be more sociable. Here are pictures from the day.
Knitting In Public

On the flume (Emerson took the second one)

On the River Rapids (Alton Towers took this one)

On the Pirate Galleons


Meg, Kate, Rach and Alex

The four ages of Goose: Mummy Goose, nearly grown up goose, still quite young goose and baby goose. All spotted on the green by the lake.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Actual Finished Object!

I am finally blogging Reid. I made Reid for Alice for her birthday. I ran behind so I was finishing in in the car on the way up to Manchester. I swear it nearly killed me. Cotton! Lace!! But it looks fab and was totally worth it. I also learned the benefits of blocking as it looked rubbish before I wet it and stretched it out.

Pattern: Reid from
Needles: 3.5mm
Yarn: Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton DK in pale pink and white for the edging. Bought from Jackson's in Reading

Fairies and Pirates part 2

Alice's party was Tinkerbell and Peter Pan themed. Here she is on the bouncy castle with Auntie Jenny

Here is baby Isaac with Great Grandma and Great Great Aunt!

Isaac in his frog sun hat

Tinkerbell on the bouncy castle


This balloon kept Isaac happy for HOURS! Lucky Grandad!

Where's it gone?
Alice took this shot herself!

Pirate Isaac with Uncle Phill

The baddest baby on the high seas

Fairies and Pirates!

In May we went up to Manchester to celebrate Phill's niece Alice's birthday. The theme was Tinkerbell and Peter Pan so there were pirates and fairies aplenty. Phill and I bought her some roller skates that she wears over her shoes and we tested them on a trip to the park. I also made her a little cardigan which fits lovely!

With Uncle Phill and Auntie Jenny

On the slide

On the swings with Uncle Phill

Uncle Phill on the slide

Photo Shortage

I have lost the cord that connects my camera to my computer. So I can't upload any pictures now :(

To remind me, here is a list of stuff I need to blog

  • Alice's Birthday (done!)
  • Alton Towers
  • Shiney New Yarn and Fibre
  • Finished Object Pictures! (Done one but more to add)
  • Our Boat Trip
  • Mani
Soon, I promise =)

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Anna bought us tickets to go and see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: The Musical for my birthday. To say I was excited is a little of an understatement! We went for a bit of a shop and dinner first. Dinner was Sushi at this amazing little place in Soho. We ate a LOT of fish for very little money which is always good.

The show was amazing. The costumes were fab and included the mystical Flip-Flop Dress from the show. They also had all the "Australiana" costumes at the end like the ostriches and the lizards with the pop up hood bits!

And the bus! The bus was amazing. It was covered in all tiny LEDs which changed colour. Mainly pink of course but during the songs it had all sorts of fun graphics. And of course, Jason Donovan! I relived a little bit of teenage fandom and after the show we stalked... I mean waited for him outside the stage door. We waited a looooong time and when he finally came out he didn't want to stick around but I got a picture of him with Anna!