Sunday, 11 July 2010


I made a cake for Phill's birthday:

Pretty normal looking, huh?


Inspired by The Omnomnicon I made rainbow cake!

It involved maths to work out how much I needed of each colour then fun measuring the right amount into little bowls to make the colours.

I found a little cake supplies shop round the corner from my house where I was able to buy the nice paste dyes which are nicer than the normal liquid food colourings. I got to play painter to make all the in between colours.

Once all the colours were mixed, I poured them one at a time into the tin, with each on top of the last to made nice concentric rings. I decided to just make one cake instead of the two in the original rainbow cake as I only have one tin and I'm impatient.

Try not to think about the e-numbers =)