Monday, 13 July 2009

Happy Campers

Last week, Phill and I took a much needed break from work and dissertations and went up to the Lake District for a few days. We camped on the bank of Lake Windermere, at the northern end near Ambleside. This is the view from our tent.

Phill grew up in Ulverston. We visited on Tuesday, Phill to see how it had changed and me to see this place where the stories come from! One of my plans for the week was to have proper Cumberland sausage and we were recommended a pub in Ulverston. It was delicious! A big sausage ring on a pile of mash with black pudding and a roasted apple. Quite posh and very yummy.

We also went up to a local hill which was covered in sheep and I collected some wool off the ground. I also took a lot of photos of sheep!

On the way back to the tent we stopped off at Stott Park Bobbin Mill and had a tour round. They showed us how all the old machines used to work off the steam engine. I also bought a few tiny bobbins to use for my spindle yarn.

In the evening, we drank nice beer and Phill cooked me dinner!

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