Sunday, 25 October 2009

Rugby avec Guiness

Today, I went to help the BCC collection at the Madejski Stadium in Reading. London Irish were playing Leicester and I drank guinness from a plastic cup with a plastic lid through a straw. Classy am I! I have a picture but it is on my phone and my computer won't let me upload from my phone :( so I am stealing pictures from Simon's phone. Here is Jenny with our guinness:

Also, Jenny and I knitted at the game.

Also, I accidentally went on Etsy and bought fabric.

Also, tomorrow we are going to Tiggers and we are going to attept Bacon Jam and Bacon Cookies.

Also, I have had the best part of a bottle of wine =)


  1. I think I have a couple more I should upload.

    BCC thing at the footie today was good. We didn't stay for the match though as it was too cold and too football.

  2. Hurrah for knitting at the game. I got raised eyebrows from my sister at the weekend when I said I usually took some knitting to the match. I knit before kick off and at half time although if it's a very poor game it's tempting to knit in the second half too. No need for knitting entertainment at Sunday's game against Everton though.