Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Award Winning!

When I was at university, I joined RAG. This is a society that fundraises for charity through running events or standing on a street corner waving a bucket at unsuspecting passers-by. Through RAG, I attended many events across the country organised by the charities for student fundraisers. At the events, I made many friends from RAGs at other universities.

After leaving university, RAG stopped but the desire to continue to collect cash for charity did not and I carried on attending these events, often by helping out by counting the money or supporting the collectors while they were out working hard.

The Ragabonds are a group of ex-Raggies. A RAG for those without a RAG. In the three years that we have been officially together, we have raised a stupid amount of money between us for many different charities across the UK. We also help out behind the scenes, working with the charities to help organise and run events.

This week we were awarded "RAG fundraiser of the year" by the Breast Cancer Campaign due to our effots for them last year. I myself raised nearly £2000 for BCC last year so I'm really excited that we have been recognised =)


  1. Ruth, you've got too much time on your hands!!
    Glad to hear you got the money back from your old camera anyway.
    Am at home supposed to be doing my appraisal. Love Mum x

  2. I forgot to say Well Done for the award, by the way! Our local lady for the Newbury Breast Cancer
    Care campaign came in the other day and has created a lovely design with leaflets and info on a large notice board in our waiting room!
    L, Mx
    PS Can't remember how I got my name as Mumsie before on the commenty thing.