Sunday, 21 June 2015


Today Phill, Ollie and I went to London. Ollie is signed up with the Birkbeck Baby Lab. He's done 2 studies before and we were invited to our third one this week. This time they had Saturday sessions so Phill could come too.

Spotting things from the train

We made a day of it, catching the train at 8.30. Ollie was a star on the train and then helpfully slept while we walked from Victoria up to Russell Square,

On the Mall with Daddy

waking up in time for lunch at our favourite restaurant, The Hare and Tortoise. Yummy Japanese food. Ollie is a big fan of all things rice so it's a good place for him too. He also drank most of my miso soup.

Let me eat, woman!
Mmmm… miso!

After lunch it was time for science. I wasn't sure how well it would go as it's an EEG study which involves a special net hat and sitting still. Ollie sat on Phill's lap while I watched from outside. Luckily Phill had thought to bring some chocolate buttons so Ollie sat beautifully.

Then we took Ollie to play in a local park for a while while we waited for our friend Zippy to arrive. Then, a trip on the bus to coffee and cake, then a visit to Hamleys. I must have lost my mind altogether!

On the bus with Daddy and Zippy
Gin and Tonic Teapot

Finally another bus trip back to the station and back onto the train. Ollie charmed most of the carriage on the way home.

We have to go back next week for a follow up session and he has some homework. Next Saturday is Pride so we'll get to watch a parade!








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