Monday, 24 August 2015

Peppa Pig World

Today Helen and I took Ollie to Peppa Pig World, just outside Southampton.  Or as Ollie calls it, Peppa Gig!  Ollie is currently a massive pig fan, especially for Grandpa Pig's train and anything involving Peppa on a bus, train or other form of transport.

We woke up this morning to torrential rain but, being English, went anyway.  The rain meant there were very few queues for anything although we did all get very wet bottoms!  Thankfully, it stopped raining at lunchtime so we were able to dry out a little bit.

Ready for a day in the rain
Grandpa Pig's Boat

The umbrella helped keep the rain off but sadly it was too late for the seat :(
Meeting Grandpa Pig
Grandpa's little train goes choo choo choo!
Waiting to ride on Daddy Pig's car
We got an orange one!  The roof didn't really help.
Big Blue Train!
Miss Rabbit's Helicopter Ride.  Still a bit rainy :)
Lunchtime Peppa Pig Yoghurt - yum!
Quick battery recharge

Meeting Peppa and George.  Ollie wasn't convinced.
Driving the green tractor
Exhausted boy at home. 
  Phew!  What a day.  Brilliant place.  Will definitely go back while Ollie is still free!  Most of the pictures taken by Helen.  Thanks Helen!!

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  1. Love, love, love the Dinesaw ride video. Mumsie xxx