Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Work In Progress Wednesday

A few of the many things I seem to be working on at the moment!

First up, a quilt for Ollie. I had actually already nearly finished it but the quilting was rubbish and made me sad. So I unpicked it all and added the rocket to the back. I'm really pleased with the rocket. It's my first paper pieced patchwork. It's nearly ready to quilt again, this time with the proper equipment!

Rocket Quilt
Next up, a tortoise cosy. Yep! A colleague asked me if I could as her new tortoise, Heathcliff, is very small and apparently may not hibernate. I found a pattern that used Aran weight bad reduced it down by using DK. Heathcliff is only 9cm across so this is really tiny! This one is a pumpkin for Halloween!
Tortoise cosy

This is part of a gift so no more details, yet!

Blue star

Last up, my Hitchiker. This is a lovely, simple scarf pattern in garter stitch with an increase every row and 5 cast off every eighth row to make a point. It's perfect mindless knitting and I love how the yarn is pooling.


This doesn't include my flamingo cross stitch, the busy book I'm making for Ollie, the little earphone pouch I'm sewing or the cardigan I'm working on! Maybe I need to finish something!


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