Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Meet Frosty!

It snowed a whole lot yesterday, stopped overnight and then started again this morning. Unfortunately, it didn't really get going until after we had left for work, meaning that I was halfway there when I got the call to say not to come in. It was snowing very heavily in Chichester so I stuck my head in the door and got straight back on a train home. Snow Day!

Phill got sent home at lunchtime when the shopping center his branch is in was closed by management.

We spent this afternoon making a huuuge snowman in the garden. I reckon we had about 4 inches altogether! I don't think I've ever made a snowman this high, not here in the UK anyway.

Mani, however, was not so impressed...

He very carefully avoided touching the deep snow by walking down the edge of the path and in our footprints!


  1. The most fantastic snowman I have seen in ages! And in fact the only snowman I've ever seen who looks like The Snowman. Wonderful.

  2. A wondrous snowman indeed!