Friday, 1 January 2010

Welcome, 2010!

Well, another year is over. I always feel a little bit sad at this time of year, mainly at the thought of another year gone. As years go, 2009 has been pretty damn awesome! I know a lot of people have have really rather crappy years so I hope that 2010 is better for them.

As for me, this year I have been on two fabulous holidays (camping in the Lakes and an amazing week in Chicago)

Mani came to live with us

Phill's parents have left on their boat to follow their dream

Phill and I got engaged (and now I can say I'm getting married next year!). We have found a venue for the wedding and now we need to get on with organising it. I may need someone to sit me down and tell me to stop trying to knit the whole thing!

I finished my course and passed all my exams. And I got a job which I've started and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck into.

So all in all, a pretty fabulous year.

And as we are starting a new decade, lets have a round up!
  • 2000 - I turned 18, passed my A Levels (just!), got into Bangor University and flew to Canada for a year abroad.
  • 2001 - I came back from Canada and started at Bangor studying Psychology. I also joined RAG and my fate was sealed!
  • 2002 - I got drunk and wrote essays!
  • 2003 - ditto 2002 plus I had my heart broken and then I got better
  • 2004 - I graduated from Bangor with a 2;1... Hoorah! I mistakenly thought that I wanted to be a teacher and started training at Oxford Brookes for my PGCE. I lasted a whole term! During this time, I learned about Speech Therapy.
  • 2005 - I started work at Priors Court, a school for children with Autism. I moved to Reading into a house with Anna which was AMAZING! I miss living with Anna! Met Phill in a pub whilst very VERY drunk.
  • 2006 - Anna had to move home so that she could go and train to be a nurse. I moved into a house filled with crazy people so I quickly moved out into a lovely little flat with Phill. I got to work for a while as a SaLTA while I tried to get a place on a course. I didn't get into Reading. Boo!
  • 2007 - I got into UCL (and City and Newcastle)! The course started in August and to kill time before then and to avoid going back on a rubbish shift pattern, I worked for a while at Prudential, contacting pensioners to see if they were still alive. What fun! Phill and I got a pair of tiny hamsters, now sadly both departed.
  • 2008 - Phill and I made the mistake of our lives by moving into a house managed by Romans in Reading. Thank God we are free of them now!
  • 2009 - Well, see above!
So HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers! See you in 2010 =)

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