Saturday, 24 April 2010


Some kitty pics for you:

Mani helping with the washing

Mani's new friend. He makes a racket. Phill has given him food. Ooops! We don't know where he lives as he doesn't have a collar but I don't think he's a stray as he is a fatty with lovely fur! Mum and Phill have named him Felix. This will need to change =)


  1. It could be that he is micro-chipped and can therefore be identified without a collar?

    Joey is microchipped but we don't like to put a collar on him.

    I like Felix, your new little kitteh. But I think from your description he is a 6-dinner Felix?

  2. We have felt for a microchip and can't find one but I guess it could be in a different place to Mani's. I think he was playing Phill for free food - he was back again this evening and Mani is starting to hold his ground a little more. Such a scaredy kitty!

  3. we had a cat that used to go else where for second dinner. We didn't find out for 6 months...sneaky kittys!
    Jenny c