Sunday, 2 May 2010

Scumbags :(

This is what is left of the padlock on our shed. Someone has been in to our garden, cut off the lock and stolen Phill's bike. Just his bike! I'm actually quite impressed. Our garden is surrounded by 5 other gardens. The shed is flush against a wall that is at least 6 foot high and the other side of the wall is a garage. To get a bike out is actually quite an achievement!

When I went to get a new lock, I saw this and had to get it to make myself feel better!


  1. Wow! Was it a good (=expensive) bike? Obviously whoever stole it knew it was worth the effort.

    Cute biscuit, I would have fallen for it too :-)

  2. It wasn't wildly expensive, no. I think they knew they were looking for a bike but they were probably chancing it a bit as there's no way anyone would have known there was one there ... random!! Oh well.

  3. Grr, can't believe you got hit by such evil (yet ingenious) bike thieves. Hope the cookie made you feel better. Did you get one for Phill too?