Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Bits of Berlin

1. The Marienkirche which has a very cool medieval mural of the dance of death although it is sadly very faded. In the background is the TV Tower, the tallest structure in Germany. It's undergoing extensive renovation at the moment which sadly led to some very inefficient and frustrating queueing systems.

2. The Berliner Dom. We didn't go in but it's very impressive from the outside!

3. The World Clock in Alexanderplatz. Very very cool! The numbers rotate so you can see what the time is anywhere.

4. Ice on the river Spree

5. Phill next to a chocolate model of the TV Tower at Fassbender & Rausch Chocolatiers. We also had some amazing hot chocolate and a blackforest gateaux.

6. The Neptune Statue This was quite creepy with many slightly disturbing characters!

7. The view of the Spree from the TV Tower

8. A quite random concrete 'statue' of some furniture in Pankow

9. The view of the Reichstag from the TV Tower

10. The Brandenburg Gate

11. A Book Tree! Lots of tree trunks with holes in for people to leave books for others to take. I think it's something to do with Book Crossing. Sadly all in German or I would have taken something!

12. The Dome of the Reichstag over the top of the Holocaust Memorial.

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