Monday, 20 February 2012

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As soon as Phill learned that the world's largest model railway was in Berlin, it was almost a foregone conclusion that we would visit. Well, it was actually pretty good! And huge! It was designed to represent Berlin itself and most of the landmarks and events were represented. It's also being expanded all the time as the city grows. There is even an airport with planes that take off and land. There were loads of great tiny details in the people in the landscapes.

David overseeing the model

Tiny graveyard complete with ghosts, zombies and trick or treaters

The control panel!

A model of the building the model is in. A tiny landscape is just visible through the window!

A stargate up on the hill!

The Airport

Scrat from Ice Age on an iceburg

The miller's daughter from Rumpestiltskin with her spinning wheel

The Reichstag (government) building. On top of the building is a glass dome which, if you are more organised then us, you can visit. In front in the model is a stage where you can choose who you listen to, including Kennedy declaring he is a donut!

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