Wednesday, 24 February 2016

A Wicked Weekend Away

This weekend, I was allowed out for good behaviour. My lovely friend Helen and I have been talking about going to see Wicked pretty much as long we've known each other but not actually got round to it. Helen's husband David bought us tickets to go and see it for her birthday present and we got to stay in a fancy hotel as well! I've known about the trip for some time but had to keep it a secret as it was only revealed to Helen last week, on her birthday. So hard to keep fun secrets!

We went up on the train on Saturday morning. It took a lot of effort to not point out every train we saw as Ollie wasn't with us. After a deliciously sinful McDonalds for lunch, we headed over to the theatre, conveniently located next door to the station!

Excuse the random man in the foreground, it's like he saw me get my camera out and ambled across the shot!

David had got us special tickets including entry into the Ambassador's Lounge, a teeny room with a bar, private cloakroom and toilet with no queue! We had a glass of bubbly included and as many crisps as we could eat. We also got to look through the programme without having to fork out seven quid, hoorah!

And ignore my hat hair in this one!

The show was incredible. I've been reading the book and although I've not finished it yet, I have read enough to know that there is an awful lot of graphic violence and sex, along with the fact that, as we know, the Witch of the West ends up dead in the original story of Oz. Well, without spoiling it, the show story is very different to the book. Much more light hearted and a happy ending, hoorah! Our Elphaba was the stand in, Natalie Andreou, and she was just incredible, as were the rest of the cast. I now have the songs going round and round my head!

We got to stay in a fancy hotel in Kensington which meant we could have a little look in the shops and pretend we have money!

On Sunday morning, we had a quick jaunt around the V and A, one of my favourite places but very much not Ollie friendly! It was nice to be able to look at delicate things without having to worry.

From the Casts hall, I was surprised to learn this is English!
We then jumped on a bus to Park Lane where we had chocolate afternoon tea at the Hilton, dahling! It was fabulous! Delicious sandwiches as fancy cake along with more bubbly.
Hangry Helen. I should be letting her crack on!
And bubbles!
Playing with the macro setting
Chocolate spread on a chocolate scone :)

It was altogether a fabulous weekend and I had to return to Earth with rather a bump this week! Oh well, plans already being made for a return visit to Oz



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