Thursday, 13 September 2012

Day Two: Cycling the Golden Gate Bridge

On Tuesday we woke up to fog. It turned out that our first evening was the only clear weather we had in our whole week so we should really have taken some pictures of the bridge! Never mind.
The bridge has its own fog horns!

We were up super early cos of the time difference and once it was a decent hour to go out, we headed to Ihop for breakfast. So many choices! I always forget all the different ways you can have eggs! We were off to cycle the bridge so this was my breakfast.
This is what we could have had! Steak for breakfast!
While we waited for the bike rental place to open, we had a little mooch around the beach area.
A cable car on its turntable.
We chose a guided bike tour in a group as we were told the hide would tell us all about the things we were seeing. Ours chose to tell us all about the places he and his friends had worked!! We cycled along the beach to the bridge. It was still really foggy so we could only see the end of the bridge.
This is a cormorant that our guide decided to stop and try to save. The cormorant was fine but we had about a 30 minute rest and got to know our fellow riders a bit better.
Phill on his way across the bridge. Still really foggy!

This is the view back across from the other side.

On the other side of the bridge, the fog was just rolling in across the hill from the Pacific into the bay. It was amazing!
We had lunch in Sausalito which is a small touristy town. Our guide left us to our own devices here and the only rule was we had to get the bikes back by 8pm. We wanted to go on further to see some of the redwood trees but our bums were hurting and we had dinner reservations later that we didn't want to be late for. Phill had a fish taco!
And then we had ice cream while we waited for the ferry back.
The fog coming over the hill into Sausalito.
This is Angel Island. It used to be the equivalent of Ellis Island but on the west coast for people entering the states from the Pacific side.

The view of the city from the ferry. Now the sun is out over the city, hooray!

For dinner, I had got a groupon voucher for a restaurant called The Old Clamhouse that did amazing crab and steaks. We would get 50% off. However, Phill only brought one of the vouchers out with us. Oops! The restaurant was amazing and let us use their office computer to reprint our other voucher but sadly the groupon website was down. Oh well, we had amazing crab and steak anyway.

Tomorrow: walking all the hills and Alcatraz!

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