Wednesday, 20 January 2016

A Wonderful Wintery Walk

Today, on a whim and need to get Ollie out of the house, we drove up to Petersfield to walk round the lake. We could feed the ducks and play in the playground (and hopefully walk into town for caffeine).

Well, we had a brilliant afternoon. The lake was almost completely frozen over with quite thick ice! The ducks had to walk on the ice except for a tiny bit the sun had been shining on all day. Annoyingly I forgot my camera but got come nice photos on my phone. And, I got my walk into town for a sad little skinny, sugar free latte. I also found a lovely teapot I've had my eye on for ages, in the sale with a set of nice cups too!

Throwing ice at the ice!
I see you!
A LOT of coots!
Feeding the swans and ducks (and the coot legion)



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  1. Love the Gruffalo silhouette! Granma x