Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Work in Progress Wednesday

One of my New Years resolutions is to try to finish some projects before starting any more. I've already broken it (oops!) but here I am taking stock of the things I need to finish.

First up is Phill's quilt. It was a Christmas present but sadly I didn't get it finished in time. I about halfway through the quilting so nearly there!

Next is my temperature blanket. I'm recording the temperature for each day and then knitting a few rows in the colour I've chosen for that temperature. So far this year has been a bit green so since I took the picture, I've bought some another blue to try and get some more variation! The pattern is the 10 Stitch Blanket (Ravelry link).
Third is my cross stitch teal alpaca. I've only just started him but it's all the same colour so hopefully will be quite quick!
This is my Que Sera jumper. It's been on the go for a while now. At craft night we have jumper half hour where we knit together on our jumpers in an attempt to get them done! Eventually it will be black. The sleeves are done and the rest is knit as one piece.
Finally is my Clover Sock. I've actually done this pattern before but I did them a bit short so my mum claimed them. These ones are for me! It's a lovely pattern with cables and lace. So pretty! The yarn is Skein Queen But annoyingly I've lost the label.

So, just a few! But I need to get them done as I have lots lined up!


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