Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Things that I was meant to do today:
  1. Revise
Things I actually did today:
  1. Go back to bed
  2. Play with the cat
  3. Drink a LOT of tea
  4. Cuddle the cat
  5. Piss about on Facebook and Ravelry
  6. Knit an Innocent Hat
  7. Move the cat off my paper work
  8. Decide I need cake to off to Tesco for eggs and chocolate drops
  9. Make cake
  10. Go to knitting group
  11. Write a blog post about procrastination
  12. Actual revision. Not enough!
The cake is good though!

Recipe = Cream 4oz butter and 4oz caster sugar. Beat in two eggs. Add 4oz flour and a bit of baking powder (or just use self raising flour). Add as much cocoa powder as you need to satisfy the chococravings. Add bag of choc chips. Beat. Divide into little cases and bake at 180 for about 20 minutes (check after 15). EAT! Yum! I iced them with chocolate fondant icing.

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