Friday, 26 June 2009

We Are Sailing

On Sunday, my Mum and Dad, Phill and I went to Poole to visit Phill's parents on their boat. They are off on their world trip in a week! How scary! Amazingly, in nearly four years, this was the first time that our parents met. Thankfully, everyone got on and a fabulous day was had by most out on the ocean waves. Dad wants to go on a sailing trip at some point so this was a great day for him to find out what it like. He had a fab day and Mum enjoyed it too. Here is Mum at the wheel with Dad in the background.
Here is Phill at the wheel.

This is me at the very front of the boat. I was king of the world for a short time before I had to go below decks and bring up my breakfast! Me and boats do not get on which is a real shame as I really do enjoy being out on the sea with the wind and the sunshine but it just makes me feel awful. :( I was alright in the bay though so was able to be sociable again once we got back into the calm.

We saw a tall ship! Very exciting!

Here is my Dad looking very at home on the boat. I think he has really got the bug now! He says he doesn't want his own boat though =)

Mum also had a good day and is now happier about the potential boating holiday.

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  1. ooh - poor you with the sea-sickness! It sounds like you had a lovely day apart from that though!