Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Alton Towers

Every year, a bunch of us head off to Beautiful Vic's house for the weekend and spend the Saturday at Alton Towers. This is year four and the weekend was fabulous. The Friday morning, I had my very last exam and as soon as Anna and Joe got to mine, off we went up to Vic's. I was a little excited, not just because of the end of exams but also because there are people at the Alton Towers Weekended that I only get to see this time of year.

Saturday was also World Wind Knit In Public Day so I took up some needles and yarn and Kate, Anna, Jen and I knit little squares for a baby blanket. Anna works in the neonatal unit at Kings so I shall give it to her for her ward once it's done. We didn't get as many rollercoasters in as in previous years but that's ok. It was a fabulous day to be out and about with my friends. Hopefully now that I have more time I'll be able to be more sociable. Here are pictures from the day.
Knitting In Public

On the flume (Emerson took the second one)

On the River Rapids (Alton Towers took this one)

On the Pirate Galleons


Meg, Kate, Rach and Alex

The four ages of Goose: Mummy Goose, nearly grown up goose, still quite young goose and baby goose. All spotted on the green by the lake.

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