Thursday, 18 June 2009

Fairies and Pirates!

In May we went up to Manchester to celebrate Phill's niece Alice's birthday. The theme was Tinkerbell and Peter Pan so there were pirates and fairies aplenty. Phill and I bought her some roller skates that she wears over her shoes and we tested them on a trip to the park. I also made her a little cardigan which fits lovely!

With Uncle Phill and Auntie Jenny

On the slide

On the swings with Uncle Phill

Uncle Phill on the slide


  1. alice wants to know why is Uncle Phill on the slide! and why are his legs that colour. I asked what colour? she said like my milk!!

  2. Tell her his legs are that colour cos he plays on the computer too much and doesn't go in the sunshine! I nearly cried laughing at that!!