Sunday, 7 June 2009

Exams :(

Well, my finals start tomorrow. I'm thinking that only revising for about a week was a Very Bad Idea. I do not think that tomorrow is going to go well. Oh well, I refuse to pull an all nighter as that will just mean I am asleep in the exam. Who plans an exam for 10-1? Who thinks that anyone will function properly working through a meal time?

Tomorrow is B2 - Management of Acquired Communication Disorders.
Thursday is B3 - Disorders of the Vocal Tract.
Friday is my Professional Studies Viva.

Friday afternoon is journey to Stoke to see beautiful Vic and then Alton Towers on Saturday, Hoorah!

Wish me luck!

Here is Mani helping me with my revision:

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  1. Massive good luck, will be thinking of you x