Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Anna bought us tickets to go and see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: The Musical for my birthday. To say I was excited is a little of an understatement! We went for a bit of a shop and dinner first. Dinner was Sushi at this amazing little place in Soho. We ate a LOT of fish for very little money which is always good.

The show was amazing. The costumes were fab and included the mystical Flip-Flop Dress from the show. They also had all the "Australiana" costumes at the end like the ostriches and the lizards with the pop up hood bits!

And the bus! The bus was amazing. It was covered in all tiny LEDs which changed colour. Mainly pink of course but during the songs it had all sorts of fun graphics. And of course, Jason Donovan! I relived a little bit of teenage fandom and after the show we stalked... I mean waited for him outside the stage door. We waited a looooong time and when he finally came out he didn't want to stick around but I got a picture of him with Anna!

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  1. I loved the film of this. Me and my friend Jos endlessly quoted from it and yearned to own similarly ridiculous wardobes.